My panish has two priests. The pastor is the father Vincent and the vicar is father Philip. The pastor preaches very well. He has a master’s degree in theology and specialized in Dogmatic Theology. He has the ability to explain the mysteries of the faith clearly and helps the people to understand their catholic religion in new ways.

Father Philip has his talents also. He plays the organ very well. Each week, he goes to every choir practice in order to encourage the singers and musicians. He taught the adult choir “Gregorian Chant” and each month the choir sings one of the Latin Chant at Mass. The fathers must attend many meetings such as the meeting of all the Parish Council. Each month they go to a meeting of the priests with the Archbishop. The pastor and the vicar gather every morning and evening to pray the Divine Office.

Từ vựng

To preach                              : giảng

Master’s degree in theology: bằng tiến sĩ thần học

Dogmatic theology                 : thần học tín lý

Choir practice                        : buổi tập hát

Gregorian chant                     : thánh ca Gregorio

Latin chant                            : thánh ca tiếng La tinh

The parish council                 : hội đồng giáo xứ

Bishop                                  : đức giám mục

Archbishop                            : đức tổng giám mục

Coadjutor Bishop                   : đức giám mục phó

Auxiliary Bishop                    : đức giám mục phụ tá

Divine Office                          : kinh nhật tụng