(Áo và màu phụng vụ)

The celebrant’s vestments reflect the ordinary clothing worn by men in the Roman Empire during the fourth century. Here is a brief description of some of the liturgical vestments worn today:

  • – Alb: This is the long, white robe that the celebrant wears over his regular clothes. The Alb signifies Baptism, and may be worn by any baptized person.
  • – Stole: Priests and deacons wear this long scarf like vestment around their neck to signify their ordained ministry. In ancient times, people wore scarves to designate their official status.
  • – Chasuble: This is a colorful outer garment worn over the alb. The colors are carefully chosen in light of the liturgical season or feast.

The color of the vestments sets a tone and indicates the nature of the liturgical feast or season.

  • – White symbolizes purity and hope, and is worn during the seasons of Christmas and Easter and also at funeral masses.
  • – Red signifies the outpouring of blood, and is worn on Palm Sunday and Good Friday. It is also worn on the feast days of the Apostles and martyrs. Red also symbolizes the fire of the Holy Spirit, and so is worn on Pentecost and for the sacrament of confirmation.
  • – Green symbolizes hope, and is worn during Ordinary Time.
  • – Violet or blue is worn during Advent to signify preparation and during Lent to signify penance.

Từ vựng

Vestments                   : lễ phục

Liturgical                     : thuộc phụng vụ

Celebrant                     : chủ tế

Alb                              : áo an-ba

Stole                           : dây các phép

Chasuble                     : áo lễ

funeral mass                : thánh lễ an táng

liturgical season           : mùa phụng vụ

Palm Sunday               : Chúa nhật lễ lá

Good Friday                 : thứ sáu tuần thánh

Apostles                      : các thánh tông đồ

Martyrs                       : các thánh tử đạo

Pentecost                    : lễ Chúa Thánh Thần hiện xuống

Advent                         : mùa vọng

Christmas                    : mùa giáng sinh

Lent                               : mùa chay

Easter                            : mùa phục sinh

Ordinary Time           : mùa thường niên