(Cơ Cấu Phẩm Trật Của Giáo Hội)

 One of most significant ways the Catholic Church differs from other Churches is in its structure. The Catholic Church has a well-defined organizational and leadership structure. As the Body of Christ, we have a strong belief that God calls different people to take different roles within the Church.

The Lay Faithful (laity).

The laity are people who are not ordained or in a consecrated state of life. But through their Baptism laypeople are called to share in the priestly, prophetic, and kingly office of Christ.

Priests and Deacons.

Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, diocesan priests are called to be coworkers with the bishop of a particular diocese.  A bishop also ordains deacons, but a deacon is not a priest. The deacon’s role is more oriented toward service and works of charity.


The bishops are the direct successors of the original apostles. They are responsible for the pastoral care of the people within a particular area, called a diocese. Each bishop is also responsible for working with other bishops and with the Pope to lead the worldwide Church.

The Pope.

The Pope, who is also called the Holy Father, is the direct successor of Saint Peter, whom Christ made the foundation of the Church and entrusted with the keys of the Kingdom (Matthew 16:18-19).


Từ vựng

The Body of Christ             : thân thể mầu nhiệm Đức Kitô

Lay Faithful (laity)              : tín hữu, giáo dân

To ordain                           : phong chức

The priestly office              : chức tư tế

Prophetic office                 : chức tiên tri

Kingly office                      : chức vương giả

Diocese                            : giáo phận

Successor                         : người kế vị

Coworkers                         : người cộng tác

The Holy Father                 : Đức Thánh Cha

The worldwide Church        : Giáo hội hoàn vũ