(Gia đình Smiths)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have three children: Mary is 12 years old, Frank 10 and John 8. The Smiths are very good practicing Catholics. Each Sunday and on every holyday, they go to Mass at their parish church. The name of their parish is sacred Heart of Jesus. Every Saturday, the three Smith children go to the church in order to attend Religious Education classes. Mary will receive the sacrament of confirmation in May of this year. The children also go to the church for youth activities.

Every night after supper, the smith family says their prayer together. They pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary as well as the Glory Be. They listen to a reading from the Bible. They also pray for the sick and for peace in the world. On special days, they pray the rosary. Mrs. Smith belongs to the St. Vincent de Paul Society that helps the old people in the parish who can not leave their homes. Mr. Smith attends Bible Study Classes every week. John is an altar server in the church and Mary sings in the choir every Sunday at the 9 o’clock Mass. The Smith family are very devout Catholics who love God and neighbors very much.

Từ vựng

Good practicing catholic            : con chiên ngoan đạo

Sacred Heart of Jesus               : trái tim Chúa Giêsu

To pray                                    : đọc kinh, cầu nguyện

Prayer                                     : kinh nguyện

Bible                                        : thánh kinh

Rosary                                     : chuỗi mân côi

Altar                                        : bàn thờ

Altar server                               : chú giúp lễ

Devout                                     : sốt sắng, mộ đạo